7 Tips for Creating Real Estate Landing Pages that Convert!

real estate landing pages

Building convertible landing pages for real estate businesses plays a significant role in generating higher-quality leads. The landing pages are the source of generating vast visibility and scalable business.

Therefore, do not lack in using high-quality landing pages, because the lower qualities can affect your business a lot. 

There are folks looking for tips for creating landing pages for real estate and here we are stating those tips in the blog.

The demonstrations will clarify ways to create a high-quality landing page for your real estate business website.

Why do you Need a Landing Page for your Real Estate Website?

Before you come across the tips to create landing pages for the real estate website, first know why these pages are necessary for the business site.

Landing pages are also known as squeeze pages or lead capture pages. These pages are also other web pages, which are apart from the main site designed with one objective; to turn the passive prospects into active leads for the business.

The users can land on your website landing pages via through Advertisement (Facebook, Yelp, Zillo and Google), email newsletters, direct emailing or other forms of lead generation.

If you want to create the best real estate landing page, then try to make it a bit innovative, personalized, and with the user perspective in mind.

How to Make the Landing Pages Convertable for Your Real Estate Website?

So you want to capture some active leads through the real estate website. Follow the below-mentioned tips for creating landing pages for real estate, which convert visitors into leads.

Apply one CTA (Call to Action) on the Landing Page

The one objective of the real estate agency is to make the visitors take action when they land on the landing pages of the website.

If you want to do it, then follow one major aspect of making the page very clear and understandable to the readers.

Stick one enticing CTA (call to action) on the page such as, you can directly ask to call for queries, else you can address with your email on CTA, or any other way.

Rest keep one thing in mind, when it comes to CTA, Less is more than enough.

Allow the Searchers to get Something they Want

If you want the users to take action against your landing page, then keep in mind to offer something that the visitors are looking for.

You have to drop one lead magnet on the page; such as dropping the homebuyer’s guide or the seller’s guide on the page.

You need to mention something on the landing page, which offers a solution to the reader’s problem.

Also ensure that the information you are providing should be relatable to the link, through which the readers come across the website. 

You can attract the readers and convert them into leads through various ways like: 

  • Offering them with some incentive to become your client
  • Free home value offering 
  • How to Book Guide for the newbie buyers 
  • Review the readers to the neighbourhood or the city 
  • Free consultation call

Use Strong and Impactful Image

Real estate businesses have to use strong and impactful images, which can attract users towards their websites.

Therefore, the real estate website landing pages have to be very beautiful and attractive to fetch the users.

You should try using some great hero images, which have an influence on the visitors and they stay on your landing page for a long. 

The images on the landing page must allow the visitors to imagine how their lives would be and what it would be like if they chose the specific agency for the property dealing.

Most often people make decisions on the basis of their first impression; therefore the image should be highly tempting to attract the users showing their enhanced quality of life.

Simplicity is the Key

Do not complicate the things on the landing page, because the more you will complex the structure, the more visitors will get confused.

Therefore, real estate agents should choose to be very simple with the structure of their landing pages; such as adding one attractive headline, one simple yet direct CTA, one influential hero image, and more.

Saying this again, the simpler you will make the pages; the more visitors it will attract; and direct message delivery with a simplistic approach through the website will also make the visitors take action too.

Testimonials are Good for Visitors’ Attractions

It does not matter how standardised structures are designed on the landing page, but social proofs are something very significant to add value and the reputation of the real estate agency.

Add some client testimonials, ratings and reviews on the pages leading to showcase your experience and worth in the marketplace; which automatically fetch faith from the visitors for the service.

This is how testimonials can be a game changer for your website, and you must input them on the landing pages.

Do Not Forget to Add Contact Details

Hey, you might have covered every possible aspect to attract and sustain the visitors on your website; but have you thought about how they will contact the service providers?

Yes; contact information will play a big roleplay because that’s a source to convert interested visitors into leads.

So make sure you will not forget to follow up on this basic aspect and add contact information apart from CTA on the landing pages to make the people reach your real estate business easily.

Mobile Optimization

You need to remember that, landing pages should be designed and structured as per the mobile usability mindset.

It means that you must check that the site and other landing pages; all have to be mobile-friendly for users who are searching for real estate agencies through their phones only.

One more thing is to know that, landing pages should take less time in loading so that visitors will stay and visit the page thoroughly.


The demonstrated Tips for Creating Landing Pages for Real Estate that covert will definitely help you to optimize the site and attract users.

Make sure to add the changes; which are customizable and worth every client’s needs. The landing pages are the bridge between services and the customers; therefore it has to be very strong and impactful.

Remember to make the landing page a bit simple yet approachable, so that the users will take action and businesses will be able to close more & more deals.

To learn more, check out our website at kreativedigitalmedia.com

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